All students participating on Semester, Year, Summer, or ICA Goucher programs will be automatically enrolled in a health insurance plan tailored to meet the needs of study abroad students. Goucher will pay for this insurance for every student on Goucher semester programs, Goucher summer programs, and Goucher ICAs. The insurance carrier is ACE American Insurance Company.

Prior to the start of the program abroad, OIS staff will register students for the insurace program. Students will receive information about how to use the health insurance policy from the Office of International Studies prior to departure for study abroad.

Features of the ACE American Insurance Company Study Abroad Insurance

The Goucher College Student Coverage Description gives all the details of coverage, including explanation of benefits, exclusions, and definitions. For questions regarding specific benefits or coverage, contact ACE Travel Assistance Program (AXA) from within the US at 1-855-327-1414 or from overseas call direct or collect to, at 1-630-694-9764. The AXA link ( is available to students approved to participate in a Goucher semester or yearlong study abroad programs after they have submitted their $500 deposit upon acceptance. 

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff traveling on behalf of official college business are also covered by ACE American Insurance Company. The faculty and staff member insurance policy can be accessed here. Click on Goucher-Before You Take Off for more information.

Maintain Existing Domestic Coverage

All Goucher students are required to carry a primary domestic insurance policy as mandated by Goucher College. Students are required to maintain their domestic primary insurance in the United States and should NOT terminate their existing coverage; if a student were to experience health problems abroad and were required to return early to the US, that student might be prohibited from reenrolling in their health insurance program because of a pre-existing medical condition, and would be without coverage.

What to Take With You While Abroad

Goucher students should always bring copies of proof of any medical insurance (domestic or other) while abroad. In addition, any student enrolled in a study abroad program through Goucher College should print and take these documents for ACE Insurance Company with you for the duration of the study abroad program:

Travel Assistance ID Card
Goucher College Student Coverage Description

Goucher College Faculty Coverage Description

ACI Claim Form
ACI Claim Form (Fillable PDF)
How Do I File ACI Claim With AXA?
Goucher College Global Medical Policy

AXA Phone App

AXA Portal FAQ

To Make a Claim

In the event of accident or injury, instructions on how to make a claim to ACI can be found here. Please follow instructions to set up an account and have the information found on the Insurance ID Card ready to be entered.