Goucher College commits itself to providing a community of mutual trust and respect for students, faculty, and staff. Therefore, sexual misconduct will not be tolerated. Such behavior seriously undermines the achievement of Goucher's mission and its effectiveness as an educational institution and a workplace. Each member of the Goucher College community shares a common responsibility to maintain an environment free from sexual misconduct.

In order to promote and maintain such an environment, the college will vigorously investigate reports of sexual misconduct in a manner that is expeditious and sensitive to the needs and rights of the victim and the accused. If you believe that you have witnessed or been a victim of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, you may contact any of the consultants and other individuals listed in the Sexual Misconduct Policy. If you wish to make a formal complaint, you may also use the Formal Complaint of Sexual Misconduct, available at the link below, to report the misconduct directly to the college administration.

The information you provide in this form will be kept as confidential as is reasonably possible. You may make this complaint anonymously, but please understand that doing so may impair the college's ability to conduct an effective investigation.

If you believe you are a victim of sexual assault, you have certain rights under federal and state law and under Goucher's policies. These rights are described in the Goucher College Sexual Assault Victim's Rights document, available at the link below.  Goucher also has compiled resources that are available to victims of sexual assault in the booklet entitled Resources and Guidelines for Victims of Sexual Assault, available at the link below.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, you also have certain rights under Goucher's policies.  These rights are described in the document entitled Rights of the Accused, available at the link below.

No one may retaliate against you for making a complaint of sexual misconduct. Threats, intimidation, and any form of retaliation for bringing a complaint are prohibited by the Sexual Misconduct Policy and may be grounds for disciplinary action. Possible steps the college may take to protect you from retaliation are described in the Sexual Misconduct Policy.

Any questions about the complaint form or victim's rights document may be directed to Laurie Burton-Graham, Goucher's general counsel, at lburtong@goucher.edu or 410-337-6032.


Sexual Misconduct Brochure (PDF)

Policy on Sexual Misconduct, Relationship Violence, and Stalking (PDF)

Sexual Assault Victim's Rights (PDF)

Resources and Guidelines for Victims of Sexual Assault (PDF)

Formal Complaint of Sexual Misconduct (PDF)

Rights of the Accused (PDF)

If you would like, you can file a formal report of sexual misconduct online. Your name and all information related to the sexual assault will be kept as confidential as is reasonably possible, although you should understand that the accused will be provided with a copy of your complaint.

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