There are 19 blue light phones and emergency phones located in campus elevators. The phones are set up to communicate directly to the Office of Public Safety. If you observe a potential safety hazard, require assistance, notice suspicious activity, feel unsafe, or need a walking escort, you can reach the Office of Public Safety directly through any blue light or emergency phone on campus. Just pick up the receiver or press the button. You will be instantly connected to the Office of Public Safety.

The location of the 19 blue light emergency phones are:
  1. Froelicher residence hall main entrance
  2. Stimson residence hall Main entrance
  3. Heubeck residence hall main entrance
  4. Sondheim residence hall main entrance
  5. Mary Fisher residence hall main entrance
  6. Gatehouse
  7. Outdoor track near the Sports and Recreation Center
  8. Van Meter building circle entrance
  9. Dorsey Center lower parking lot
  10. Dorsey Center parking lot near the Hoffberger Science building
  11. Dorsey Center parking lot near Kraushaar Auditorium
  12. North parking lot
  13. South parking lot 1 (near the entrance)
  14. South parking lot 2 (at the rear of the lot near the wooded area)
  15. New Sports and Recreation (SRC) parking lot
  16. Academic Quad along the pathway between Van Meter building, Julia Rogers building, Kelly Lecture Hall, Hoffberger Science building, and Meyerhoff Building
  17. Stables/equestrian area
  18. Athenaeum: between the Alumnae/i House and the Dorsey Center across from the Athenaeum access drive
  19. Athenaeum: Outdoor patio of Alice's Restaurant