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Complete the form below and click the "Create Account" button. You will need to have your cell phone turned on to complete the process. You will be taken to a page that will ask you for a validation code. A message will be sent to your mobile phone containing the code. Once you enter this code, click "Validate," and your account will be activated. After you have activated an account, you can log in to your account to activate an additional cell phone and two e-mail addresses. NOTE: Faculty and staff should use a graduation date of 2018 when creating an account.

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The Fine Print

In an ongoing effort to better disseminate information during emergencies and campus closings, Goucher has implemented the e2Campus Notification System. The notification system will only send information regarding emergencies and campus closings. No advertising messages will be sent using this system. Note that information entered into this system (i.e., phone number, e-mail address) will not be shared with others. When you create your account, you can specify two cell phone numbers and two e-mail addresses. Remember that you do not need to enter a Goucher e-mail address into this system because emergency and campus closing information is sent through the Goucher e-mail system. To receive these messages, you must be registered in the system.

The alerts are delivered via the following methods:

  • Mobile phone (as text messages)*
  • Text pager
  • RSS feed
  • E-mail
  • iGoogle, My Yahoo, or My AOL portal page

* Your service provider may charge standard text messaging fees.