Office of the Vice President and Dean of Students

Bryan F. Coker
Vice President and Dean of Students | 410-337-6150

Andrew Wu
Associate Dean for Student Development | 410-337-6150

Stacy Cooper Patterson
Associate Dean for Community Life | 410-337-6414

Bonnie Fishpaw
Administrative Assistant | 410-337-6150

Student Affairs Staff

Director, Residential Life | 410-337-6424

Jeannette Hadfield
Director, Health and Counseling Services | 410-337-6050

Lindsay K. Johnson, '05, '13
Associate Director, Community-Based Learning and Community Service Programs | 410-337-6262

Traci Martin
Director,  Career Development | 410-337-6191

Geoffrey Miller
Athletics Director | 410-337-6383

Luz Burgos-Lopez
Assistant Dean for Intercultural Affairs

Cynthia Terry
Chaplain and Director of Religious and Spiritual Life | 410-337-6048