Religious Observance Form (students:  complete and give to faculty members as early in the semester as possible, 2 weeks before a holiday observance at the latest)

Spring 2017 Religious Holidays

Holiday Name

Dates Religion
Chinese New Year January 28th Buddhist
Imbolc February 2nd (begins sundown on the 1st) Wicca/Pagan
Tu B'shevat February 11th (begins sundown on the 10th Jewish
Nirvana Day February 15th (Begins sundown the 14th) Buddhist
Maha Shavaratri February 25th Hindu
19 Day Fast Mar 2-20 Bahá'í'
Ash Wednesday March 1st Christian
Purim March 12th (begins sundown on the 11th) Jewish
Magha Puja Day March 12th (Begins sundown the 11th) Buddhist
Holi March 13th (Begins sundown the 12th) Hindu
Ostara/Mabon March 20th (Begins sundown the 19th) Wicca/Pagan
Naw-Ruz March 21st (Begins sundown the 20th) Bahá'í'
Ramayana March 28th - April 5th (Begins sundown the 27th) Hindu
Palm Sunday April 9th Christian & Orthodox Christian
Good Friday April 14th Christian & Orthodox Christian
Holy Saturday April 15th Christian & Orthodox Christian
Pesach (Passover) * first and last two days April 11-18 (Begins sundown the 10th) Jewish
Easter * April 16th Christian & Orthodox Christian
First Day of Ridvan April 21st (Begins sundown the 20th) Bahá'í'
Yom HaShoah April 23rd (Begins sundown the 22nd) Jewish
Ninth Day of  Ridvan April 29th (Begins sundown the 28th) Bahá'í'
Beltane May 1st (Begins sundown April 30th) Wicca/Pagan
Twelfth Day of Ridvan May 2nd (Begins sundown the 1st) Bahá'í'
Ramadan (Begins)  ** May 27th (Begins sundown the 26th) Islam
Ascension of Baha'u'llah May 29th (Begins sundown the 28th) Bahá'í'
Shavout May 31st - June 1st (Begins sundown the 30th) Jewish
Litha/Yule June 21st (Begins sundown the 20th) Wiccan/Pagan
Eid al Fitr *  ** June 26-28 (Begins sundown the 25th) Islam

  *  Particularly important to avoid for major tests or projects (because of restrictions, observances, fasting)

**  The active date is tied to the sighting of the moon, so may vary from what is listed.

Spring 2017 holdays (ical)

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