Fall 2016 Religious Holidays

Holiday Name

Dates Religion
Eid al Adha   September 11-14 Islam
Mabon September 22nd  (Begins sundown on the 21st) Wiccan/Pagan
Navaratri   October 1-10 Hindu
Rosh Hashanah October 3-4 (Begins sundown on the 2nd) Jewish
Dussehra   October 11th Hindu
Yom Kippur October 12th (Begins sundown on the 11th) Jewish
Sukkot October 17-23 (Begins sundown on the 16th) Jewish
Birth of the Báb   October 20th Baha'i
Shemini Atzeret October 24th (begins sundown on the 23rd) Jewish
Simchat Torah October 25th (Begins sundown on the 24th) Jewish
Diwali October 30th Hindu  
All Saints Day   November 1st Christian
Samhain November 1st (Begins sundown on the 31st) Wiccan/Pagan
Birth of Baha'u'llah November 12th (Begins sundown on the 11th) Baha'i
Yule December 21st (Begins sundown on the 20th) Wiccan/Pagan
Christmas Eve    December 24th Christian
Christmas   December 25th Christian
Hanukkah December 25th  - January 1st (Begins sundown the 24th) Jewish


Fall 2016 holidays (ical)

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