The best way to get to know your new campus community is to jump in and start exploring it yourself. But there are a lot of things you'll need to think about before you do so, some of which you probably don't even know you have to think about.

Our Fall and January Orientation programs are designed to introduce you to all aspects of your first semester at Goucher - the classes you will take; the people you will know; and the places you will live, study, eat, play, and hang out.

Orientation programs give first-time, first-year, transfer, and international students the chance to interact and connect with faculty, staff, and students; obtain departmental information related to potential majors; take certain placement tests or audition; and learn about student life opportunities.  

The students on Goucher's First Year Mentor team will help to welcome you to the Goucher community and are excited to work with you this summer and fall!

Fall Orientation is a comprehensive, multi-day program that runs from Wednesday, August 24 through Sunday, August 28.  More details will be available beginning in June.

For more details about orientation, please contact Christine Krieger (Associate Director of Student Engagement) at 410-337-6124.