If you are not satisfied with the room you chose or have another preference, you can be placed on a wait list for a different assignment. You may return a wait list preference form. The summer wait list process is as follows:

  • The summer wait list will be ranked and compiled in order (by class rank and room draw number) after the closing of the list.
  • To help provide a benefit to those who were randomly assigned a high draw number during spring room draw, the process will be reversed. For example, a student with draw number 200 would be assigned before a student with draw number 1 during the summer assignment process.
  • Class priority will be considered the same as during spring room draw.
  • Any additions to the wait list after the due date will be placed at the end of the list in request order.
  • The summer wait list is reviewed periodically during the summer months to match openings with wait-list preferences. If an open room meets one of your top-three preferences, the assignment will be confirmed with you, and your name will be removed from the wait list. If you decline the assignment, you will be removed from the list. The Office of Community Living must have an accurate summer phone number at which you can be reached. If we are unsuccessful in attempting to contact you to confirm an assignment after two days, we will move to the next person on the wait list unless you have given Community Living written permission to make the change. As soon as the residence halls open for the fall semester, the summer wait list will be void.