provides Goucher College students with rentable energy-efficient microfridge units, which include a fridge, freezer, and microwave all in one. 

Please note that the ONLY microwave unit students can have in their rooms is the one in these microfridge units. Stand-alone microwave units are not allowed in residence hall rooms.

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Goucher College Parents,

Did you know that our residence halls have extra-long twin sized beds?

Because these beds are longer than regular twin sized beds, we want to make sure that your student arrives with sheets that will fit properly.

Our linens program offers a wide variety of color choices and patterns to make it fun and easy for your student to personalize their room. You can even get FREE SHIPPING on all Value Paks - and have everything you need delivered right to your door. With over 40 sheet set styles, there are several different pak color combinations to choose from.

In addition to bedding, we have everything from decorative pillows, rugs, and wall décor, to bath essentials and storage items - everything your student needs to outfit their entire room and all in one place for one stop shopping! Ordering on our website provides a convenient way to be sure that your student has what they need for their room, while also saving you time and money!

To ensure that your student has the right linens for move-in, click here to view our website.

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