Residential living is fundamental to the mission of the college and the Goucher student experience, and all full-time undergraduate students are strongly encouraged to live on campus and must participate in one of the college meal plans. Exceptions may be made for students who choose to commute from their permanent home address within 30 miles of Goucher's campus. Students who feel they have a compelling reason that warrants a special exception to the residency requirement must make an appointment to see the director of Residential Life. Please understand that very few exceptions will be granted and that the Director of Residential Life will carefully scrutinize all requests.

To complete an application to be released from your on campus housing requirement, please click here. Use your Goucher username and password when logging in and complete the Release from On Campus Residency Requirement Application. Applications are due March 31st.   If you have issues logging in, please email 

Applying for the release from your housing requirement does not guarantee that your request will be approved. Students are cautioned not to sign a lease off campus until after they have received permission from the dean of students to be released from their residential living requirement. Permission will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Applications that are denied may be appealed by submitting an appeal request in writing to the vice president of student life. The vice president's decision is final.