To charter a new club or organization, students must provide the Student Government Association (SGA) with a copy of its constitution (including purpose of the club or organization), a list of officers, and the name of the club or umbrella organization adviser (see next paragraph). The Executive Board of the SGA then votes on whether the club or organization should be chartered. Chartered clubs and organizations may petition the SGA for funding. To remain chartered, the club or organization is responsible for communicating changes in its constitution and officers to the SGA as they occur. (See the SGA Constitution for more information on chartering.)

The group of students also must meet with a relevant umbrella organization, which brings together clubs with similar interests on a regular basis to allow the groups to share and collaborate on programming ideas, consolidate the work needed to petition SGA for money, and increase the accountability of clubs.

Student clubs and organizations are also encouraged to stay in contact with the Office of Student Engagement, which helps with program planning; space reservations; club stations, mailboxes, and storage; publicity through the Goucher website, on-campus advertising, and college publications; and maintaining historical files on organization functioning. The Office of Student Engagement and the SGA ensure that leaders of chartered clubs and organizations are kept informed about leadership development opportunities.

Chartered recreational and sports-related clubs and organizations that want to become affiliated with Physical Education and Athletics should contact Sally Baum, associate director of physical education. To be affiliated, clubs and organizations need to sign an agreement form with Physical Education and Athletics, as well as submit a roster/list of members and a request to use facilities.

All chartered clubs and organizations should be familiar with the SGA Constitution and college policies. More information regarding clubs and organization policies and procedures is available at the Office of Student Engagement.