Nomination/Application Process

Any member of the Goucher community can nominate Goucher students who fit the criteria for any of the awards listed below. To be considered by the Student Leadership Award Selection Committee for one of the leadership awards, one brief letter (one or two paragraphs) of nomination from a member of the Goucher community must be submitted to Stacy Cooper Patterson, Associate Dean of Students for Community Life. The letter should cite the award for which the student is being nominated, the strengths and leadership qualities of the nominee, one experience during which the nominee exemplified those attributes, and the nominee's commitment to the Goucher Community Principles. If you would like to nominate a student but are unsure for which award they are best suited, please submit the letter, and the committee will put them in the appropriate category. Nominations will be accepted via email as well as campus mail. Upon receipt of a nomination, the student will be asked to submit a résumé to Stacy Cooper Patterson. All student nominees are informed that their records of citizenship and GPA will be checked as a part of this process.

Award Descriptions and Eligibility Requirements

Rhoda M. Dorsey Leadership Award (any year)

The Dorsey Award is presented annually to a student who represents sustained leadership, commitment, teamwork, ingenuity, and ability to work with fellow students, faculty, staff, and administration. It is presented with a gift and is recognized at Honors Convocation. This award is chosen by the Student Life staff based on recommendations by the Selection Committee.

Martha A. Nichols Prize (any year)

This prize is awarded annually at the Honors Convocation to a student who, upon the recommendation of the dean of students, is considered to have rendered outstanding service to the college community during the year. Jane Dummer '59 established this prize in 1976 in honor of Martha Arnold Nichols.

Ethelmarie Apter Halpern Memorial Community Service Prize (any year)

This prize is awarded annually to a student who is enrolled in the undergraduate program at Goucher College and who has demonstrated, through word and deed, leadership in combating prejudice and fostering good relations between groups and individuals with the college community or community at large. The purpose of the award is to recognize leadership in community service and to encourage other students to emulate the recipient. The recipient shall display an understanding of and sensitivity and respect for the special ethnic, racial, and religious diversity of our society and the uniqueness of individuals.

Apter Prize (rising seniors only)

This prize was established in 1983 in honor of Marilyn Silverman Apter, Class of 1941, who was disabled most of her adult life. The prize will be given to an outstanding rising senior who has achieved high academic honors, served the college, and shown outstanding leadership qualities, to assist the awardee complete his or her education. It is recommended (but not required) that the Apter Prize be awarded to a person who has a disability or someone who plans to work with persons with disabilities (or a related field). This prize will be given to one recipient.

Elizabeth Nuss Emerging Leader Award (first-year students, sophomores)

The Nuss Emerging Leader Award is presented annually to a first- or second-year student who has contributed significantly to the Goucher community through his/her involvement in a campus organization (club, committee, team, performance group, etc.) or a community service program. The nominee must also show significant potential for continued leadership and civic engagement.

The Jennifer Margolis Marquez '01 Prize in Environmental Sustainability (any year)

The Margolis Marquez Prize is granted annually to students who are enrolled in good standing in the undergraduate program at Goucher College who demonstrate outstanding innovation and creativity in developing practical applications to environmental/ecological sustainability that have been implemented at Goucher College.

The Evenden Daley Herman '37 Prize

The Evenden Daley Herman Prize provides need-based financial aid to a full-time international or immigrant student at Goucher College who has demonstrated leadership and service in college and/or community activities and who promotes understanding among people of different nations.

Corene Elaine Amoss Award (first-year students, sophomores, or juniors)

The Amoss Award is intended to recognize students who approach the standards set by Corene Elaine Amoss while she was a student at Goucher College (1989-1993). Awards from the Amoss Fund will be granted annually to one or more Goucher students who have established an outstanding academic record and participated in more than one aspect of co-curricular student life at the college (i.e., student government, community service, intercollegiate athletics, etc.) To be eligible for the Amoss Award, candidates must have completed their freshman year and achieved academic standing as a Goucher College sophomore. In addition, Amoss Award recipients must have, and maintain, a minimum grade point average of 3.0. Nominations and applications for this award will be collected following the same timeline as for the other leadership awards; however, the winner will not be selected until after the spring semester has been completed.

Senior Leadership Awards (seniors only)

A group of seniors will be recognized for their continuous service, leadership, and commitment to the Goucher Community Principles during their time at Goucher College. Standards to be considered prior to submitting names for the Senior Leadership Award are as follows:

The student has demonstrated proficiency in several of the following areas over a period of two or more years:

  • Exceptional ability to chair or conduct student meetings for clubs, houses, or student organizations.
  • Effectiveness in organizing campus-wide activities.
  • Unusual capacity to work with peers in an advisory or counselor role.
  • Initiative in rousing sustained campus interest in pertinent topics or activities, i.e., athletics, special-interest groups, student publications, fine arts productions, and projects.
  • Support, interest, and enthusiasm for the mission and goals of the college.
  • Vision and foresight to work for change for the good of the college and one's peers.
  • Service to the college.