We want students to be engaged in the campus community; at Goucher, you can get involved in a variety of ways. There are opportunities for everyone, whether they are interested in:

  • Working with incoming students
  • Finding on-campus work
  • Giving back to others
  • Technology
  • Social justice
  • Peer education
  • Athletics
  • Programming
  • Integrating faith and leadership
  • Student government
  • Running a club or organization.

Take a risk and try on some new roles that you may never have thought of before and play a role in making your community a better one. Contact the Office of Student Engagement to learn more.

Not sure where to start? Check out one of the following programs and discover what might work for you.

Emerging Leaders Initiative

The Emerging Leaders Initiative is geared toward first-year students interested in exploring their leadership potential and making positive social change in their community, whether on campus or off. Participants begin exploring their own ideas and concepts around leadership and think about ways they want to become an involved leader during their four years at Goucher.

Participants will:

  • Reflect on their goals and dreams. They will be challenged to think about: Why do I want to be a leader? What do I have to contribute? Why is it important that I be engaged in my community?
  • Ponder their personal values and how that contributes to their leadership styles. They will conceptualize what is important to them and why those key values guide their lives.
  • Learn leadership concepts and skills. Walk away with a personal definition of what it means to be a leader and a few new skills to help them be that leader.
  • Network with other emerging leaders, current sophomore, junior, or senior class leaders, and staff who are interested in leadership.

The Emerging Leaders Initiative occurs in the fall semester. If you have any questions or are interested in participating, contact Stacy Patterson, director of student engagement.

Goucher Leadership Council

Goucher Leadership Council (GLC) is a group of upper-class students who serve as peer leadership educators and think about ways to infuse leadership into the Goucher community. Since its creation in Fall 2005, GLC has assisted with the Emerging Leaders Initiative, created the Goucher Athletic Leadership (GOAL) Program, and planned events for the Goucher community.  GLC members must apply to and interview for the program, hold a cumulative GPA of 2.5 for rising juniors and seniors, and have demonstrated excellent service and leadership to the Goucher community. Interested in learning more about what GLC does or could do for you? Contact Stacy Patterson with any questions.

Goucher Leadership Scholars

The Goucher Leadership Scholars program encompasses all of the leadership programs and individual opportunities students participate in over their four years at Goucher. In the spring of their senior year, students have a unique opportunity to participate in workshops and discussions on leadership, reflect upon their individual experiences, and think critically on the topic of leadership.  Students will have the chance to learn about theories of multicultural identity development as well as the concept of global citizenship.

Regardless of previous experience, any undergraduate senior is encouraged to apply for the Goucher Leadership Scholars program.  To complete the program, students participate in dialogues about the concepts of leadership, global citizenship, and/or multicultural identity development.  Additionally, they attend a Senior Capstone Experience retreat, where they are guided through activities to help them reflect on their individual experiences.  Finally, students complete a presentation to a panel of faculty and staff.  This presentation is reflective of the student's leadership and/or global experiences and speaks to how the student has achieved Goucher's leadership learning outcomes.

The timeline for 2014 is as follows:

  • Application deadline- Tuesday, February 11
  • Theory sessions (must attend 2 of 3)- weeks of February 17, 24, and March 3
  • Senior Capstone Experience retreat- Sunday, March 9
  • Participants will schedule individual appointments and presentations following the retreat.

If all components of the program are successfully completed, the Goucher Leadership Scholars designation is bestowed upon the participants at the annual Leadership Awards Reception in the spring semester. Additionally, all Leadership Scholars are presented a medallion to be worn at Commencement. Please contact Stacy Cooper Patterson in the Office of Student Engagement for more information.

Senior Capstone Experience

The Senior Capstone Experience is one of the requirements for the Goucher Leadership Scholar designation. A day-long retreat for graduating seniors, this program allows participants to reflect upon their leadership experiences, consider how their values affect their leadership, and think about what they want to do as leaders post-Goucher. The retreat also encourages students to consider how they have achieved the leadership learning outcomes.  Additionally, students have the opportunity to reflect on how their global pursuits have shaped their Goucher experience.

Following the Senior Capstone Experience retreat, all participants meet with the director of student engagement for follow-up conversations. In late March/early April, participants deliver presentations of their reflections to an audience of supporters. The accomplishment is celebrated at the Spring Leadership Awards Reception, where the students are awarded a medallion to be worn at graduation.

Connections Peer Facilitators

Connections Peer Facilitators work with instructors of the Connections (FYE 134) program to develop a learning community in this required first-semester course. Connections is designed to provide first-year students with the opportunity to reflect on the adjustments they are making to college life and to think about their choices and responsibilities as a member of a diverse learning community. Peer facilitators provide a peer perspective, serve as small-group facilitators, and help to plan gatherings for the students in their section of Connections.

For more information on the Connections Peer Facilitator position, contact Emily Perl, assistant vice president for student life.

Orientation Committee

Goucher's Orientation Committee works throughout the year to prepare for the incoming class's Summer Orientation and Fall Orientation programs. A group of about 20 students are selected annually to be a part of this prestigious group. Individuals help students in their transition to college and assist various campus departments and offices with the orientation programs. The group is advised by Christine Krieger, associate director of student engagement.

Club Summit

An educational program for positional leaders, Club Summit serves helps Goucher's student leaders develop practical skills and provides them with information regarding policies and procedures. Each organization is required to have at least one representative present at the event. Club Summit includes opportunities for student leaders to network and build relationships that hopefully will lead to programmatic collaboration and understanding of campus event planning policies.

Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape program

The Baltimore Collegetown LeaderShape Program connects students across campuses and with their communities to make a better Baltimore. The LeaderShape experience is directed strongly toward civic-minded students - not only leaders and potential leaders, but also students who are passionate about service and engagement within the larger Baltimore community. Participants are given the rare opportunity to network and brainstorm ideas with Baltimore community leaders and college students from around the city over the course of this year-long experience.

Academic Honor Board

The Academic Honor Board hears all cases involving actual and alleged violations of the Academic Honor Code. The board is made up of a chair, a secretary, four student representatives, and faculty members who serve at each hearing. The board is selected by the current chair of the board and the associate dean for undergraduate studies. The associate dean serves as the board coordinator. Anyone who has violated the honor code or has witnessed a violation is honor-bound to report the violation to the chair of the Academic Honor Board or to the coordinator. For more information, see the Academic Honor Code.

Class Officers

Class officers build class unity by organizing social activities, fundraisers, and meetings. Classes can collaborate with other classes, houses, or clubs to sponsor larger events. Senior class officers work with others at the college to coordinate the 100 Nights event, Senior Week, Baccalaureate, the senior class speaker, the class gift, and fundraising. Officers for each of the three returning classes are elected by their class in the spring elections. Officers for the entering class are elected by their class in the fall.

Student Government Association

Every student in the Goucher community is a member of the Student Government Association (SGA). The administrative and legislative duties of the SGA are in the hands of the Executive Board and the Senate (legislative body), respectively. The Executive Board meets weekly and is the steering committee of SGA. The Senate is made up of elected house, class, commuter, and at-large senators. The SGA parliamentarian is selected by the Executive Board and confirmed by the Senate in the fall. The meetings of the Senate are open to the entire student body. Students are encouraged to attend, as well as to address their concerns to their elected SGA representatives. Student awareness of and participation in SGA activities are essential to ensuring the value and effectiveness of the organization. The SGA welcomes the interest and participation of the student body. Anyone who has questions or ideas or wants to volunteer for organization activities should refer to the listed officers or the SGA website. See the SGA Constitution for more information.

Student Judicial Board
The Student Judicial Board hears cases involving alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. The board is composed of a select group of students, faculty, and staff. Student members are selected by the president of SGA, along with the assistant dean for community living. Faculty and staff members are appointed by the dean of students. Interested students should apply through SGA.
Goucher Student Ambassadors

Goucher Student Ambassadors are students who give campus tours, host overnight guests, and assist with special events for the Admissions Office. In addition, ambassadors can act as Goucher Admissions liaisons to their high schools. The Admissions staff selects Executive Board members each year to head the organization in conjunction with the Admissions Office. Executive Board members assign tour times, arrange overnight stays, and help coordinate special events for Admissions. They are chosen for their enthusiasm, sense of responsibility, and ability to communicate with prospective students and their families about their personal experiences at Goucher.

Community Assistants

Community assistants (CAs) are students hired, trained, and supervised by Office of Community Living staff. They live in residence halls, function as peer advisers, and are the initial contacts for students with problems and concerns. CAs are available to help students within the limits of their training, ability, and time. They also direct students to appropriate professional resources both on and off campus. Each CA is assigned to one house and organizes educational programming in the halls, works with roommates who experience conflicts, provides documentation of policy violations, and serves as liaison for Facilities Management Services and academic channels.

Peer Listeners

Goucher's Peer Listening Program is a network of trained students who provide a supplemental support system to students, specifically regarding, but not limited to, those who are or have been affected by sexual and dating violence. Peer listeners are available from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m. each night.


This annual program is a paid opportunity for students to drive through select regions of the United States to attend sendoff events for the incoming class of students, to meet and learn from Goucher alumnae/i in a variety of settings, and to increase involvement and philanthropic support for the college. The Vagabonds blog their daily experiences back to the online community and document their journey with pictures and video.