What additional costs do I need to be thinking about when planning my event?

  • Public Safety- do you need them at your event?
  • Technicians- do you have any technical needs that you will need to have supported?
  • Custodians- will you need to have custodians help with the clean-up?
  • Grounds Staff- if your event is outside, will you need to hire grounds staff?
  • Transportation- do you have a need to transport club members off campus? Please note, if you are planning an off campus trip, you should visit the "Off Campus Trips" pages for help in planning!
  • For answers to each of these questions, please visit the links above!

Any other costs I should be considering?

  • If you are showing a video, you likely will be required to pay a film company for the rights to show the film. Please visit the "Showing Videos" page for details.
  • If you're inviting a speaker or entertainer to campus, will you need to pay for their transportation or housing?