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    Barclay Middle School Mentoring Project: Each Wednesday, 15 seventh-grade students from Barclay Middle School in Central Baltimore end their school day, get on a school bus, and travel to Goucher College's Pinkard Community Service Center for an afternoon of unique programming. Historically a program that served a middle school in West Baltimore that has since closed, this mentoring project has existed for more than ten years and has become an integral part of Goucher's Community Service offerings. Goucher students design lesson plans, activities, and work with the students one-on-one to address topics like character building, civic engagement, and conflict resolution. 

    Barclay Gardening Club: Two days a week, Goucher students serve as volunteers with the Gardening Club at Barclay Elementary/Middle School.  In 2009, the school was placed on a list of "green" schools by the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education. Two years later, Barclay won a Cleaner Greener Baltimore sustainability grant and used the funds to formalize a garden site at the school.  Goucher students work with garden volunteers and school staff to help implement environmental education programs, physically work in the garden with the Barclay students, and to help support a cooking program that allows the students to cook and eat what is grown in the garden.

    TALMAR Gardens & Horticultural Therapy Center: TALMAR is a vocational training center dedicated to the mission of enhancing health for people of all ages and abilities.  TALMAR provides an innovative therapeutic, vocational, and recreational environment specially designed for individuals with disabilities or chronic conditions that impact their well-being and health.  The Garden, offering an organic vegetable and cut-flower garden, provides year-round programs of indoor and seasonal outdoor gardening opportunities.  The services are intergenerational and all-inclusive.  

    Goucher Scholars Tutoring: Four days a week, Goucher students serve as tutors with the Goucher Scholars Tutoring program.  Tutors work with students in grades K-5 and provide reading, math, and general homework assistance with students from Barclay Elementary/Middle School.  This academic program helps support the academic enrichment portion of Barclay's after-school program, and also provides critical positions for Goucher students with Federal Work-Study.  This is a unique opportunity for Goucher students to "work on campus", and still serve the Baltimore community, work with children, and provide important academic support to students in underserved communities.  

    Hampden Family Center: Several days a week, Goucher students serve as volunteers with the Hampden Family Center's after-school program.  The students support existing programs, volunteering with art, yoga, and other fun enrichment activities.  The program helps create reciprocal connections between Goucher students and students at the Hampden Family Center, and the partnership fosters understanding, trust, and communication. Though the program is intended to serve these young people exclusively, we've found that the learning and development process has been reciprocal.  

    Living Classrooms-Patrick Allison House Adult Resource Center Once a week, Goucher students serve as volunteers in a new employment skill support program for formerly incarcerated adults reentering the community. This program is hosted in a partnership between the Patrick Allison House and Living Classrooms, and provides Goucher students the opportunity to engage in reciprocal learning around issues of career development and job training.

    Read-a-Story/Write-a-Story (RAS/WAS) Read-a-Story/Write-a-Story (RAS/WAS) is a vibrant Goucher student-created literacy program designed for elementary school students. Embedded at Barclay Elementary/Middle School, a Title I elementary school in Central Baltimore, the program began in 2005 with a small group of students and faculty, and has proven to be one of our most successful and sustainable partnerships. Goucher students and elementary school students partner daily to read books aloud and write stories together. 

    Enact-a-Story is a creative off-shoot of RAS/WAS, offering students the opportunity to use theatre and improvisation as tools for communication.  This program is strongly supported through the Goucher College Department of Theatre.