The Educational Opportunity Program was established in 2006 to reflect Goucher’s commitment to diversity. Consideration for the program is available to first-generation Maryland residents from underserved socio-economic backgrounds who exhibit intellectual promise, motivation, and scholarship. In partnership with state funding, grants, and generous gifts, the EOP Scholars Program provides selected students with the opportunity to experience a liberal arts education they may not have otherwise been able to afford.

Admissions and financial aid requirements are available here.

What It Means to Be an EOP Scholar

Goucher College wants to make your transition to college as worry-free as possible. That’s why our Educational Opportunity Program includes a summer “bridge” program that will make the adjustment to campus life a little easier. Once the academic year starts, EOP Scholars meet regularly with the EOP Coordinator and members of the Goucher community to continue our mutual commitment to your success.

At Goucher we talk a lot about transforming lives. That’s because we believe a college education can change your life. We’ve seen it happen thousands of times. It can happen to you, too.

The Summer Bridge Program

The Educational Opportunity Program includes a summer bridge program that will make the adjustment to campus life a little easier. It's a required, four-week, residential summer session, where students get to know the college, its residence halls, and its programs, all before the fall semester begins. During the summer bridge program, you'll attend academic sessions to enrich writing, reading, and math skills and meet regularly with peer tutors and mentors. It's a great way for students to prep for college and get comfortable on campus before classes even start.

In addition to the academic sessions, EOP Scholars participate in personal and academic development and awareness workshops regarding financial aid, the first-year experience, Residential Life, student engagement, technology services, public safety, library services, and many other topics. EOP Scholars also attend workshops facilitated by community members that address topics such as financial literacy, time management, effective study skills, stress management, coping strategies for emotional distractions, and success strategies. EOP Scholars also participate in a number of evening and weekend experiences in the Greater Baltimore and Washington, DC, metropolitan areas.

Please note: Because attendance at the summer bridge program is required for all EOP Scholars, Goucher provides a stipend to offset the loss of any summer income. The stipend is taxed as work-study employment and requires the students to submit a work permit, W-2, and I-9 forms.

During the Academic Year

As academics must be your first priority, the EOP Coordinator and members of the Goucher community are available to help you stay on top of your work, not just when encounter difficulties. Continuing with topics discussed during the summer bridge program, additional skill-building workshops and mentoring sessions will take place to ensure your successful transition into our challenging liberal arts setting. EOP Scholars will also participate in social and experiential learning opportunities, such as trips and retreats through the year, in addition to attending campus events and lectures.

Contact Us

Do you know someone who would be a great fit for the Educational Opportunity Program at Goucher? Let us know.

For information on applying to Goucher and being considered for the Educational Opportunity Program, contact:

Lisa M. Hill
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
For additional information on the Educational Opportunity Program and the experiences of our enrolled EOP Scholars, contact:

Mary Tandia
Educational Opportunity Program Coordinator