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Liz Knight, a senior biology major with a pre-med concentration, summed up her experience at Goucher as “where the impossible became possible. Goucher has really opened up the world for me and showed me I can be successful at many different things.”

Liz Knight

Knight is a very busy member of the Goucher community. She participates in Hip-Hop Club and UMOJA, the black student union, and is frequently tapped to speak at campus events and before important campus constituencies.

She says she was honored to be asked to speak at the Athenaeum groundbreaking; at a private dinner for the Board of Trustees; and at the Jewell Robinson dinner, which honors the first African-American woman to attend Goucher. Knight was also one of the select students chosen to participate in the “What Matters to Me and Why?” series, a community forum about personal values and concerns.

As part of Goucher’s global initiative, Knight participated in a three-week tropical marine biology course in Honduras. She says she feels fortunate not only to have been able to learn in a different country, but also to get to interact with people from a different culture and see how other people live. “It was a great sharing opportunity,” she says, and a chance she feels she might not have gotten at a large university.

For three years Knight also has served as a community assistant, which she says has been the most influential activity she has participated in at Goucher. “I have met many different people who I would not have known on such an intimate level if I hadn’t been a CA.”

She believes the leadership skills she has learned as a CA have helped her to become a leader in the classroom, in her personal life, and hopefully in her future endeavors.

Knight’s plans for her future have changed since she originally arrived at Goucher with the intention of majoring in biology and dance. She says that because there have been so many wonderful opportunities available to her in the Biology Department, she has decided to end her pre-professional dance career and focus on her dream of becoming an OB/GYN.

She believes that “if you prove yourself at Goucher College, you can do anything.”

Liz Knight

  • Livingston, NJ
    Biology/Pre-Med Concentration

"Goucher has really opened up the world for me and showed me I can be successful at many different things."

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