Bradley Whitted '13

Baltimore, MD

When Bradley Whitted ’13, was searching for a college, he knew what he wanted: a liberal arts institution, a close-knit residential community, a strong academic foundation that would help further his eventual career, and a place not too far from his home in northeast Baltimore.

Bradley Whitted

Goucher College fit the bill on all counts.

But what really helped cinch Goucher as Whitted’s choice is the college’s participation in the Urban Scholars Program, into which he was accepted. The program primarily provides access to higher education to academically qualified low- and middle-income minority students from Baltimore City. Goucher and the nine other Maryland independent liberal arts colleges and universities in the program offer the scholars $10,000 in annual financial support and opportunities for internships and networking experiences, as long as they maintain a 2.8 GPA and good academic standing.

Whitted also says he was drawn to Goucher because of its unique requirement that all students study abroad before graduating. He has never been on a plane and has never left Maryland’s borders, but he says he is looking forward to broadening his horizons and is considering studying the Spanish language in Spain.

Now in his second semester at Goucher, Whitted has already begun to forge strong relationships in the classroom and to build a scholarly foundation for his future success, most likely in the business sector.

“My professors are really engaging,” he says. “They have a student-friendly approach, and they constantly make real-world connections in the classroom."

Whitted says he has also met many people at Goucher with whom he connects on recreational as well as intellectual levels. “If you want to meet people who will accept you no matter what, come to Goucher,” he says.

In fact, Whitted says he has met so many friends at Goucher that he often goes “room-hopping” so he can spend time with all of them.

Demonstrating a prudence that isn’t always common in college-age students, Whitted has decided to ease into extracurricular activities to make sure his academic performance always takes precedence.

He does spend about five hours each week fulfilling two work-study obligations — one as a math tutor for high school students at a program through Morgan State University, and one as a volunteer teacher’s assistant at Fort Worthington Elementary School in Baltimore City.

Though he gets paid for these efforts, Whitted is glad he is able to give back to others. Community service has been a part of his life, starting at an even earlier age when he spent his middle-school years donating his time at a recreation center in his neighborhood.

“I’m in my comfort zone when I’m volunteering,” he says.

In the coming semesters, Whitted says he wants to play Humans vs. Zombies, a game of moderated tag played once a semester at Goucher. Because the game was invented and started at Goucher, “it’s a big deal here.” He says engaging in the student-run game will give him a chance to meet “new friends on a completely different level that is unique to Goucher.”

Bradley Whitted

Bradley Whitted '13

Baltimore, MD

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