Statistics and policy statements can only tell you so much about a place. If you'd like to hear about the diversity of Goucher College, you should listen to what Goucher students have to say.

Here you'll meet a number of Goucher students, all from different backgrounds, all with different experiences. Read on to hear their honest reflections about their first impressions of Goucher, their overall experience, and their advice for prospective students.

Irene Gutierrez 
Communication and Media Studies and Spanish double major / San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Reema Khanchandani 
Biology major / South Brunswick, NJ

Liz Knight 
Biology/Pre-Med Concentration / Livingston, NJ

Travis Moffat 
Communications Major / Baltimore, MD

Sarah Pullano Sarah Pullano 
Biology major / Rochester, NY

Bradley Whitted '13
/ Baltimore, MD