At Goucher, we encourage a wide variety of people to get involved in developing multicultural programs.  As we continue to strive toward Goucher’s strategic goal of cultivating an intercultural perspective, we ask community members to consider various learning methods and program structures when planning programs.  The following are learning goals that multicultural programs have the potential to promote:

  • Celebrate particular cultures and identities.
  • Investigate the history of a specific culture or identity.
  • Share diverse perspectives, identities, and voices.
  • Provide cross-cultural dialogue.
  • Facilitate a simulation activity that provides participants with real time examples of power and privilege.
  • Empower a marginalized culture or identity.
  • Connect curricular/formal learning with lived experiences.
  • Create space and time for personal reflections.
  • Build skills that provide tools for working interculturally and challenging the status quo.
  • Explore the intersection of identities and issues related to more than one culture or identity.
  • Unpack the study abroad experience and the concept of identity while abroad.

If you, your office, your club, or your academic department is contemplating an idea for a program that promotes diversity, multiculturalism, or inclusion, please think broadly and let us know your plans and ideas.  We have created this form to facilitate your communication with us so that we can be more intentional about multicultural programming on this campus.