Who We Are

In the United States, both colleges and universities award bachelor's degrees. Goucher offers 33 degrees in the sciences, arts, and humanities, including international business managementcomputer science, and even engineering through partnerships with the Johns Hopkins and Columbia universities.

Goucher College also features:

  • 287-acre safe, serene campus on the East Coast
  • 100% study abroad
  • 1,480 undergraduate students  

42 Countries Represented on Campus

  Afghanistan   Argentina   Australia   Benin
  Brazil   Cameroon   Canada   China
  Colombia   Costa Rica   Dominican Republic   El Salvador
  Ethiopia   France   Germany   India
  Indonesia   Ireland   Israel   Italy
  Japan   Mexico   Morocco   Mozambique
  Nepal   Nicaragua   Nigeria   Peru
  Poland   Portugal   Republic of Congo   Russia
  Rwanda   South Korea   Syria   Tajikistan
  Tunisia   United Arab Emirates   United Kingdom   Venezuela
  Vietnam   Zimbabwe