In September 2010, a new Strategic Planning Group was assembled of trustees, faculty, students, and staff. Its charge is to think about the future of American higher education and the role of small liberal arts institutions over the next ten years, and to develop a five-year strategic plan for Goucher College in that context. There will be an emphasis on soliciting broad community input along the way about how best to assure the college’s intellectual and financial well-being for the long-term. Outside experts may be invited to campus to help address particular issues. The goal will be to reach conclusions, and Board approval of the plan, by the fall of 2011.

Since we can only achieve our ambitions if we work together, our strategic plan will need to represent a shared and aspirational vision of our common future. Planning requires us to think deeply and creatively about the challenges that face our college, our society, and our world, and to consult broadly with Goucher's many stakeholders in charting a course that will position our college for continued preeminence in the years ahead. This website provides information about our planning efforts so that this new process can be as transparent and inclusive as possible.


Dates Description
September 2010 through December 2010

During the Fall 2010 semester, Goucher’s Strategic Planning Group (SPG) asked various constituencies in the college community to identify three of the most important issues (opportunities and challenges) the college will confront in the next five to ten years. Using this input, the SPG developed a vision statement and a set of issues and questions facing Goucher in the areas of its Academic Program, Campus Life, Facilities, and Finance. This vision statement and enumeration of issues, building on Goucher’s core values and recent successes, will be used to develop strategic directions and goals for the college over the next ten years, as well as its next five-year strategic plan.

January 2011 through August 2011 During the Spring 2011 semester, the SPG asked various constituencies in the college community to provide feedback on a draft vision statement and strategic initiatives. Using comments and suggestions from the SPG and the campus community, the vision statement was revised, strategic initiatives and goals were enhanced, target dates were established, cost estimates were developed, funding needs were prioritized, the feasibility of funding the priorities was analyzed, benchmarks were identified, and targets for the benchmarks were suggested. Each section of the draft strategic plan addressed a series of questions:
  • Strategic Vision: What should be the strategic direction of the college? What are the future opportunities and challenges?
  • Strategic Initiatives: What are the strategic goals and initiatives to be completed to achieve the strategic vision?
  • Timeline: What is each strategic initiative’s anticipated completion date? • Funding: How will the initiatives be funded? What are the funding priorities?
  • Benchmarks: What benchmarks, measurements, and deliverables will measure the college’s progress in achieving each strategic initiative? What is the target goal for each benchmark?
August 2011 through September 2011 Collected feedback and suggestions from the campus community on the draft strategic plan
October 2011 "Transcending Boundaries and Transforming Lives" represents a transparent and collaborative effort of the Goucher community to articulate our core purpose and values, and to identify ten strategic challenges and opportunities for the future. The new strategic plan was enthusiastically approved by the Goucher Board of Trustees at its October 2011 meeting.
Each May Develop an annual strategic plan progress report providing benchmarks / statistics and an update on the college’s progress in achieving each strategic goal


Strategic Plan: 2011 Inside Goucher Website

Additional information on the development of the new Strategic Plan can be found on the Strategic Plan: 2011 Inside Goucher website (NOTE: GCADMIN username and password is required).

Strategic Planning Group Membership

  • Co-Chairs
    • John Bond, Trustee
    • LaJerne Cornish ’83, Associate Professor of Education
  • Trustees
    • Janet Farrell ’73
    • Lynn Fisher ’71
    • Norma Lynn Fox ’76
    • Margo Winslow ’69
  • Faculty
    • Lydia Harris, Associate Professor of Economics and Faculty Member at Large
    • Mark Hiller, Associate Professor of Biology
    • Elisa Koehler, Assistant Professor of Music
    • Bob Welch, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
  • Staff
    • Candace Doane, Assistant Director of Residential Life and President of the Administrative Employees Association (AEA)
    • Josh Stober ’06, Assistant Director of Admissions
    • Ruth Ward, Receptionist and Operations Assistant in Student Administrative Services
  • Senior Staff
    • Gail Edmonds, Vice President and Dean of Students
    • Michael O’Leary, Vice President for Enrollment Management
    • Tom Phizacklea, Vice President for Finance
  • Students
    • Jeff Bessen ’12
    • Camirin Farmer ’13
    • Mary (Kathleen) Hearl ’11
    • Morris Johnson ’11
  • Ex Officio
    • Tom Kelliher, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science and Chair of the Faculty
    • Becki Kurdle ’61, Chair of the Board
    • Marc Roy, Provost
    • Sandy Ungar, President
  • Strategic Planning Group Support
    • Bill Leimbach, Vice President for Technology and Planning
    • Wendy Belzer Litzke, Vice President for Government and Community Relations