Goucher College 2002 Strategic Plan

Since 2002, when the “Transcending Boundaries Of the Map & the Mind” strategic plan was approved, the college has made numerous advances toward making its goals a reality and this has resulted in Goucher becoming more distinctive. Graduation requirements now mandate a study-abroad experience and the study of the scientific and/or policy dimensions of environmental sustainability. Global and cultural issues are taught across every discipline. Additional service-learning and community-service internships and opportunities have been implemented. All students are encouraged to draw on their required international experiences to devise innovative ways to make a difference in their home communities. A new residence hall has been constructed, and the college completed the construction of the Athenaeum, Goucher’s flagship building that has become the centerpiece of the campus.

Assessment of the 2002 Strategic Plan

In order to assess the college’s progress on completing the strategic goals of the 2002 Strategic Plan, a campus committee of trustees, faculty, students, and staff was formed in July 2010. The committee developed a report to assess the college’s progress on the 2002 plan and to provide information and recommendations to the Strategic Planning Group that will begin developing a new strategic plan in the Fall of 2010. The recommendations will be evaluated during the 2010/2011 strategic planning process.

The report assessed the college’s progress for each goal in the following format:

  • Status of the Goal: Has the college accomplished the goal? What type of progress has been made in accomplishing the goal?
  • Recommendations: Should the goal be included in the next strategic plan? Are there specific recommendations for the Strategic Planning Group to consider?
  • Progress: What were the accomplishments and activities of the college for this goal since 2002? What are the benchmarks or statistics that illustrate the progress of the college toward accomplishment of the goal?
During the assessment of the 2002 Strategic Plan, the committee developed the following recommendations and questions for the new strategic planning group:
  1. How will the strategic plan be implemented and documented? Benchmarks, measurements, and deliverables should be developed for the new strategic plan goals with an eye toward measuring progress. The college should develop an annual progress report that will document movement on each strategic plan goal.
  2. How will the new strategic planning group share information with the campus community and gather feedback? The college should use processes in place to communicate information to the campus. For example, faculty meetings should be devoted to a discussion about the strategic plan.
  3. How will the new strategic planning group help members of the campus community understand “what does the new strategic plan mean to me”?
  4. What should be the relationship between the undergraduate and graduate programs? The college should include recommendations for the graduate programs in the next strategic plan

You can view two versions of the 2002 Strategic Plan Assessment:

Strategic Plan: 2002 Inside Goucher Website
Additional information on the 2002 Strategic Plan Assessment can be found on the Strategic Plan: 2002 Inside Goucher website (NOTE: GCADMIN username and password is required).