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We’re on Snapchat!

You can add us by username @GoucherCollege, or by snapcode:

  1. Save our snapcode below to your phone.

    Snapchat snapcode

  2. Login to Snapchat.
  3. Click the ghost logo at the top of the screen.
  4. Click "Add Friends."
  5. Click "Add by Snapcode."
  6. Tap the snapcode you saved to your phone in Step 1.

Visit Goucher College on LinkedIn

Whether you are a student, a longtime alumna/us, a member of faculty/staff, or current parent, The Goucher Professional Network (GPN) is an ideal way to network with Goucher community members in your profession. The GPN connects all members of the global Goucher community within LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network of more than 100 million members.  As a group member you can:

  • Easily find Goucher contacts
  • Send messages to other group members
  • Advertise or search for jobs
  • Start a group discussion
  • Join one of several GPN affinity subgroups

Join the Goucher Professional Network (GPN) now at www.goucher.edu/linkedin.

Questions about the Goucher Professional Network? Email gpn@goucher.edu.

WordPress Blogs

Blogs, or web logs, are no longer just for creating online journals. WordPress has become a robust Content Management System or platform for creating full-featured websites and blogs.

Explore the links to the right to see some of the WordPress websites that members of the Goucher community have created.

Goucher's Office of Communications can assist faculty, staff, and students with building and hosting a WordPress blog. To request a blog or schedule a consultation, please fill out this form.

RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a technology that lets you subscribe to a website’s latest content without actually having to navigate to the site with your browser. Instead, the site’s frequently updated information, such as news headlines or classified ads, is fed directly into your computer through a “news reader.”

Each brand of news reader may require slightly different steps for subscribing to RSS feeds, but the idea is the same. Clicking on an RSS icon will bring up the URL of that feed in the address bar of your browser. Just enter that URL into the location line of your news reader and then click "subscribe."

For instance, here's the URL for Goucher’s main RSS news feed: http://blogs.goucher.edu/intheloop/category/news/feed/. (Click on this link to see what a raw RSS feed looks like.) To subscribe to it, simply copy and paste the link into the location line of your news reader and then click "subscribe." Now, whenever news items are published to the main news page of the Goucher site, those items will automatically appear in your RSS reader. Simple, really.

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