Academic Forgiveness Request Form (PDF)

Academic Schedule Conflicts Contract - Non-Athletic Conflicts (PDF)

Academic Schedule Conflicts Contract - Student-Athletes (PDF)

Application for Dual Degree - BA/MA (PDF)

Application for Dual Degree - BA/MAT (PDF)

Application for Dual Degree - BA/MED (PDF)

Baltimore Student Exchange Program Registration Form (PDF)
Full-time undergraduates use this form to register for a course at a participating coop college.

Change of Adviser Form (PDF)

Course Change Form (PDF)
Use this form for all registration changes - add/drops, audits, pass/no pass, withdrawing from a course, time conflicts and independent work.

Declare, Change or Delete Major/Minor Form (PDF)

Declaration of Individualized Interdisciplinary Major Form (PDF)

Enrollment Verification Form (PDF)
Students fill out and sign this form to request an enrollment verification for insurance purposes, employers or others. Students must be currently registered for classes.

FERPA Disclosure Form (PDF)
It is the policy of Goucher College, in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), to withhold disclosure of personally identifiable information from educational records unless the student has consented to disclosure or FERPA allows disclosure. For more detailed information, please consult the Campus Handbook under “Student Records and FERPA.” This form must be competed in order to make your disclosure preferences known to the college. Current and newly admitted students will normally complete the FERPA disclosure form on-line by logging into myGoucher.

Foreign Language Agreement (PDF)
This form is for use by students who are not enrolling in Goucher foreign language courses, either because they are pursuing a language at a college other than Goucher, or because they are a native speaker of a language other than English.

Incomplete Grade Form (PDF)

Leave of Absence Form (PDF)

Medical Withdrawal - Healthcare Provider Release Form (PDF)
This form is used as an attachment to the Semester Withdrawal form. If sufficient information to make a decision about the medical withdrawal is not provided in the documentation provided by the healthcare provider, a representative from the office of the Dean of Students may contact the student's healthcare provider for more information.

Medical Withdrawal - Request to Return - Healthcare Provider Report (PDF)
This form is used when a student wishes to return to Goucher College after an official medical withdrawal (including an involuntary medical withdrawal), and is completed by the student's healthcare provider.

New Student Separation Form (PDF)

Non-Goucher Course Approval Form (PDF)
This form is used by current undergraduates who plan to take a course at an another college, and would like to have this course approved for transfer of credits to Goucher.

Official Name/Gender Change Form (PDF)
This form is submitted along with documents to change your legal name and/or gender.

Official Withdrawal from the College - Graduate Students (PDF)
Graduate students use this form to officially withdraw from the college

Official Withdrawal from the College - Undergraduate Students (PDF)
Students use this form to officially withdraw from the college

Petition (PDF)
This form is used to request an exception to academic policy.

Reinstatement Form (PDF)
Use this form to apply for reinstatement after suspension or voluntary withdrawal.

Replacement Diploma Request Form (PDF)
Students fill out and sign this form to request a replacement diploma, if their original diploma has been lost or damaged.

Semester Withdrawal Form (PDF)
This form is used when a student wishes to withdraw from all classes during the semester. The form should also be used for voluntary medical or compassionate withdrawals.

Senior Thesis Guidelines and Form (PDF)

Supplemental Grade Roster (PDF)

Transcript Request Form (PDF)
This form must be completed with your hand-signed signature, and mailed or faxed to 410-337-6504. You may also scan the signed form to transcripts can not be faxed or emailed.

Unofficial Name/Gender Change Form (PDF)
This form is used to by students who wish to be referred to by a different first name and/or pronouns.