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Goucher College Announces Innovative Strategic Plan

Release date: June 06, 2012

Goucher College has formally announced its innovative five-year strategic plan, Transcending Boundaries and Transforming Lives, which was enthusiastically approved by the Board of Trustees. In this new plan, Goucher reaffirms its commitment to the principles, practices, and ideals of liberal education — which have characterized the institution throughout its 127-year history — and vows to continue to enrich and strengthen its distinctive academic program.

"Our new strategic plan is the result of a collaborative and transparent effort among all members of our community to find a new roadmap that will take us forward, while also respecting the college's distinguished past," said Goucher President Sanford J. Ungar. 

To view the new strategic plan webpage and a personal video message from President Ungar, please see http://goucher.edu/strategicplan.

In brief, Transcending Boundaries and Transforming Lives represents the college's core goals and identifies these 10 strategic challenges and opportunities for the future:

  • Enriching and Strengthening the Academic Program — Goucher will renew an emphasis on the highest quality education within each program and major field of study offered at the college. The college will also provide the facilities and infrastructure necessary to support its educational mission. A first step will be to renovate its Julia Rogers building and turn it into a true 21st-century academic center: a place where natural science, humanities, and social science disciplines can collaborate.
  • Building International Knowledge and Citizenship — Building on its groundbreaking study-abroad requirement, the college will increase the percentage of international students enrolled; shape the curriculum to reflect the international dimension of all disciplines; explore the interrelationship of environmental sustainability and global citizenship; and build the college's understanding of and refine its unique place in the nexus between the international and the local.
  • Fostering Student Success — The college will assess the number and quality of opportunities available for students to engage in face-to-face interaction with faculty and staff in both classroom and co-curricular settings at each level of their college career. Goucher will also encourage students to express themselves through athletics, performance, service, and other fulfilling experiences.
  • Cultivating an Intercultural Perspective — The college will continue to welcome and accommodate a vast range of points of view, lifestyles, creeds, and perspectives within the community and among outside visitors; it will give every student an opportunity to broaden his or her thinking by introducing new perspectives and fostering a lively exchange of ideas.
  • Enhancing Environmental Sustainability — Having met or exceeded several significant goals in the area of environmental sustainability in recent years, including the construction of the Gold LEED-certified Athenaeum, Goucher will now vigorously approach other environmental ambitions, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing a progressive, forward-looking climate action plan.
  • Encouraging Civic Engagement — Through intensified community-based learning efforts locally, nationally, and abroad, the college will encourage students to take leadership roles in the public sphere, in private associations, and in their careers, with a view toward enhancing the experiences and accountability of all.
  • Building a Community Committed to "Goucher for Life" — As a community comprising students, parents, faculty, staff, trustees, friends, and more than 16,000 living alumnae/i, Goucher must engage with all of its constituents for the long term: as dedicated participants in the life of the campus, as supporters of the academic program, as career resources, and as philanthropists committed to the continued success of the college.
  • Leveraging Technology — Goucher will take advantage of advanced technology to enhance the connections among students, faculty, staff, and alumnae/i, as well as among other communities in the United States and around the world.
  • Increasing Enrollment and Improving Retention — Goucher will increase the size of its undergraduate student body to 1,600 students and will include among them more students who will thrive in the college's unique environment and graduate in four years.
  • Addressing the Financial Challenges of a Liberal Arts Education — As families approach limits on the amount of tuition and fees they are able and willing to pay, the college will strive to make more efficient and productive use of its human resources and physical facilities, and to find new sources of revenue.


"Goucher's bold new strategic plan is the culmination of a comprehensive and cooperative effort," said Ungar. "Every constituency of the college-students, faculty, staff, alumnae/i, parents, and trustees-will contribute to the success of this new plan and to the continued distinction that Goucher has earned."