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Goucher Launches Community Bicycle Program

Release date: August 12, 2008

Goucher has launched a community bicycle program to make it easier for the campus community to use alternative transportation and support the college’s mission of environmental sustainability.

This initiative was made possible by a Fall 2007 Innovation Grant awarded to students John Bernet, Brendan Killian, and Joseph Sklover. All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to take advantage of the bicycles for both transportation and recreation on and off campus.

Each of the 10 cruiser-style bikes is unisex and clearly labeled as being part of Goucher’s community bicycle fleet, which will be maintained by the college. There is no fee for using the bikes, and they can be picked up and left anywhere on campus, as long as they remain on well-traveled paths. Helmets, helmet bags, and combination locks will also be available for riders.

Bicycle commuting is a healthy, affordable, clean means of transportation that benefits everyone with fewer emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases. Keep in mind, a four-mile roundtrip by bicycle prevents about 15 pounds of pollutants from entering the atmosphere, according to the WorldWatch Institute.