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Goucher Announces Achievement Award Recipients

Release date: September 03, 2008

Goucher has announced the recipients of the Goucher Achievement Award, an honor established last year to recognize sophomores who are making a difference in our college community.

To be eligible for the Goucher Achievement Award, nominees must:
• have sophomore status, with a minimum of 27 credits;
• have a GPA of 2.5 or higher;
• have shown demonstrable success in one or more of the following areas: extraordinary service to the community, significant improvement in academic performance, or sustained excellence in academic work.

This year’s recipients are:
Miriam Cummons
Sarah Edwards
Maya Felten
Rachel Kitchen
Batya Kleen
Mariana Lopez
Evan Marx
Elizabeth Myrtetus
Quan Phan
Joan Pulupa
Sarah Ropp
Emily Taub
Rachel Trau
Mary Wahl
Annette Wilson

For their remarkable contributions, each of these students have been awarded a Goucher Achievement Award in the amount of $500.

Recipients will be formally recognized this spring at the leadership banquet sponsored by the Student Government Association and the Student Life Division, as well as in the program for spring Convocation. Please join in commending these men and women for the commitment they have shown through their academic endeavors and their multiple contributions to our campus community.