Goucher Student Radio broadcasts its programming on Goucher College's closed-circuit cable network on channel 29 and also webcasts its programming on the Internet. To find out how to listen to the broadcast on your computer, check out the Student Radio website.

Before the station could begin webcasting, however, its student DJs had to learn about the complex web of rules that govern small webcasters. Because much of the programming content the station wishes to broadcast on the Internet is copyrighted, the station is required by law to obtain the permission of the copyright holder to webcast that music. After a long series of negotiations, a group of small webcasters and the representatives of copyright owners agreed to a method by which small webcasters, like Goucher College, would pay royalties to copyright owners for the right to webcast music. You can read about these negotiations and the rules and regulations that apply to webcasters at the website of Collegiate Broadcasters, Inc.

Every year, the radio station must file a report and pay a fee in order to have the right to webcast music. For information about the rates the station must pay, see the SoundExchange website (the section entitled Noncommercial Educational Entities). The filing form can also be found at SoundExchange's website.