If you have been to a doctor’s office in the last year, you probably have been asked to sign a form informing you about your rights under HIPAA. Although HIPAA is an important statute that was enacted for an important reason – to protect the privacy of medical records – it is a complex statute with which many institutions are struggling to comply.

Here at Goucher, HIPAA applies to the College’s health plans. If you participate in the College's group health plans, you should review the Notice of Privacy Practices applicable to that plan (follow the link below). This Notice describes what actions the College is taking to ensure the confidentiality of medical information handled by the College's group health plans, including the Employee Assistance Program. Another Notice describes the steps we have taken to ensure that medical information you may provide when you utilize the College's flex plan, administered by Flex America, remains confidential (follow the second link below).

If you have any questions about HIPAA or the privacy of your health information, contact the College’s Privacy Officer in the Office of Human Resources. A good source about HIPAA as it may apply to health professionals who provide medical services to you can be found at the government’s website.