After several years of litigation, the United States Supreme Court issued rulings in two separate cases involving the University of Michigan. Information about the cases can be found at the University's website including a complete chronology of the key rulings in the cases and other higher education affirmative action lawsuits. As a result of the court’s ruling holding invalid the undergraduate admissions process at the University of Michigan, the University recently modified its admissions process. Information about the new process can be found at the University's website.

The U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, in an effort to "provide educational institutions with information about the "race-neutral" options available to them," recently issued a report entitled Achieving Diversity: Race-Neutral Alternatives in American Education.

For information about the impact of the Michigan decision on financial aid programs, Jonathan Alger, an attorney for the University of Michigan,  prepared an analysis of the use of race in administering financial aid programs after the University of Michigan cases.

Race Conscious Financial Aid (PDF)