Learning Outcomes for the Minor in Latin American Studies

Expected Outcomes

As a student of LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES (LAM), you will gain an understanding of this geopolitical region’s geography, racial and ethnic makeup, politics, national economies, languages, socio-historical memory as well as its relationship to the United States. You will be able to develop an informed perspective and exhibit a reflective attitude on the practices and products of the Latin American, Hispanic and Latinx cultures.

With Regard to Specific Skills of Inquiry, Analysis, and Expression, Minors will be able to:

  • Closely read and analyze academic and accessible primary sources on a variety of topics related to Latin America, Hispanic and Latinx populations.
  • Identify and analyze key points concerning such topics as cultural trends, socio-political issues and historic and economic factors affecting the region.
  • Through class discussions, presentations and group projects, employ critical thinking skills to compare and contrast the countries of the Americas.
  • Compose complex and arguable researched essays using evidence and criteria to understand differing worldviews.