ChooseWhy Choose This Program?

Why Study Judaic Studies at Goucher?

Judaic studies is an innovative, interdisciplinary, and socially conscious minor program offering students the opportunity to explore, examine, and critically engage the rich and multifaceted history, religion, and cultures of the Jewish people. As a people that has crossed multiple borders and cultures, the Jews have served as transmitters of texts and ideas and as agents of cultural and intellectual cross-fertilization and innovation.

LearnWhat Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

In accordance with Goucher's mission, the Judaic studies curriculum focuses on the global dimensions of Judaic civilization and aims to cultivate an appreciation of its major developments, institutions, and ideas, and its contribution to world civilizations, all while fostering a critical attitude towards diagnosing and combatting contemporary forms of injustice. The Judaic studies program benefits from the expertise of faculty throughout Goucher College and from visiting scholars.

DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

A minimum of 18 credits are required of students who choose to minor in Judaic studies. Students minoring in Judaic studies take courses in religion and thought, history and society, and literature and culture. Goucher also offers multiple courses levels in the Hebrew language.

Course Curriculum


Program Contact
Judaic Studies minor: Martin Shuster

Full-Time Faculty
Martin Shuster, Director and Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies: Jewish thought and philosophy, 18-20th century European philosophy (esp. Kant, Hegel, and German Idealism), critical theory (esp. Adorno, the Frankfurt school, and theories of race and gender), value theory (ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy), philosophy of religion, and ordinary language philosophy (esp. Stanley Cavell).

Affiliate Faculty
James Dator, Nyasha Grayman-Simpson, Uta Larkey, Angelo Robinson, Michelle Tokarczyk.

Study Abroad

The Judaic studies program offers two study abroad programs.

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

As an international student at BGU, you will study Hebrew language, in addition to choosing from a variety of courses taught in English that are designed to enhance and connect your experience in Israel.  To complement your academic studies, you will be encouraged to participate in volunteer service, which will deepen your knowledge and exposure to Israel and its people.

University of Haifa

The University of Haifa is situated at the top of the Carmel Mountains, amidst the Carmel National Forest, with views of the Mediterranean Sea. The University of Haifa is the largest comprehensive research university in northern Israel; a microcosm of Israeli society dedicated to academic excellence and social responsibility. The city of Haifa is Israel's third largest city and is marked by an exciting multiculturalism. 

Opportunities & Internships

Internship Program

Internships are a very important facet of the curriculum at Goucher College. As such, faculty members consider well-structured internships to be essential to a student's education. The variety of internships that have been completed under the supervision of this program is evidence of the flexible and creative applicability of Judaic studies. Students find internship opportunities through the Career Development Office, through faculty and staff members, or on their own.

A detailed description of the off-campus experience is published by the Career Development Office each year and fully describes the guidelines and timetable for internships. Students interested in arranging an internship in Judaic studies should contact their individual academic advisors.

Career Development Office

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Goucher Hillel is the central address for Jewish campus life at Goucher College. Through Hillel, students find a home away from home, social and cultural connections, Shabbat and holiday celebrations, a full kosher meal plan, Taglit-Birthright Israel and Alternative Spring Break trips, a link to events and people in the wider Baltimore Jewish community, and opportunities to actively pursue social justice, Jewish learning, and spiritual growth. Goucher Hillel events are student-driven and open to all members of the Goucher community, regardless of faith or background.

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