Digital Arts

Required Courses for Digital Arts

The Master of Arts (MA) requires a total of 45 credits for graduation. Of these, 24 credits are earned through required core courses including a six-credit capstone project. Of these 45 credits, at least 9 must be from the management (PMGT) core.

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) requires a total of 72 credits for graduation. Of these, students must complete 18 credits required core courses, 33 credits of elective courses, 9 credits of management courses, a 6 credit creative seminar, a 6 credit capstone project, and 3 thesis credits.

Courses listed with an "S" allow a student to take that course again as a ‘studio' course, developing deeper skills within a subject area. Studio courses run parallel to their standard course.

DA510 Audio Techniques*
DA560 Camera Techniques*
DA600 History of Multimedia Art
DA610 Media on the Internet
DA615 Digital Media Programming*
DA650 2D Design for Print and Web
DA655 3D Modeling*
PMGT605 Digital Ethics and Intellectual Property

*starred courses may be waived by successfully passing a subject area diagnostic test

Digital Arts Courses (with credit hours)

DA510: Audio Techniques (1.5)
DA515: Digital Imaging (1.5)
DA560: Camera Techniques (1.5)
DA600: History of Multimedia Art (3)
DA610: Media on the Internet (3)
DA615, DA615S: Digital Media Programming (3)
DA617: Contemporary Storytelling (3)
DA622, DA622S: Motion Graphics (1.5)
DA625: Mathematics, Music, and Imagery (1.5)
DA630: Audio Post-Production (1.5)
DA635, DA635S: Composition & Sound Design for Multimedia (1.5)
DA640: Multichannel Sound Design (1.5)
DA645, DA645S: Realtime, Interactive Signal Processing (1.5)
DA650, DA650S: 2D Design for Print and Web (1.5)
DA655: 3D Modeling (3)
DA656, DA656S: Advanced 3D Modeling (1.5)
DA665, DA665S: Interactivity (3)
DA670, DA670S: Web Development (3)
DA675: Capstone (6)
DA700: Creative Seminar (6)
DA799: Thesis Document (3)

Professional Sequence / Management courses

PMGT601: Leadership and Self Development I: Leadership Styles (3)
PMGT620: Leadership & Self Development II: The Creative Professional (1.5)
PMGT 606: Managing an Organization (3)
PMGT 611: Communications (3)
PMGT616: Financial Skills and Managerial Accounting (3)
PMGT626: Nonprofit Leadership and Management (3)
PMGT 630: Designing and Delivering a Learning Experience (1.5)
PMGT 631: Public Administration (3)
PMGT 636: Social Entrepreneurship for Advocates and Change Makers (1.5)
PMGT 650: Models of Social Entrepreneurship (3)
PMGT 641: Social Networks and New Media (1.5)
PMGT 643: Professional Communications I: Writing for Different Audiences and Outlets (1.5)
PMGT 644: Professional Communications II: Strategies for Reaching the Media and Other Key Constituencies (1.5)
PMGT 646: Grant Writing and Fundraising (1.5)

** With permission of the academic director, electives from other Goucher graduate programs may be applied towards the degree.

Goucher College also provides inter-departmental dual degree options. For more information or to speak with an academic director, please contact us at or 1-800-697-4646.