GPE Staff

Mary Adkins, Director, Master of Arts in Teaching Program
B.A., West Virginia Wesleyan College; M.Ed. & P.h.D., The University of Maryland College Park

Barbarba Bisset, Co-Director, Teachers' Institute
B.S., Towson University; M.S., Johns Hopkins University

Gaye E. Brown Director, Master of Education Program
B.A., Smith College; M.A.T., University of Massachusetts

Kayhla Cornell Assistant Registrar
B.A., Arcadia University; M.A., Goucher College

Shirley Gray Senior Assistant Director of Finance   
B.S., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale; M.Ed., Goucher College

Shelby Hillers Coordinator, Admissions  
B.S., Towson University

Judy Jenkins, Coordinator, Reading Programs
B.S., Kent State University; M.Ed., University of Maryland, College Park

Shelley Johnson, Co-Director, Teachers' Institute
B.S., University of Maryland, College Park; M.S., Johns Hopkins University

Alice Miller, Technology Coordinator
B.S., M.Ed., Towson University; M.A.S., Johns Hopkins University

Ava Norris Associate Director of Administration for Graduate Programs in Education
A.A., The Community College of Baltimore County; B.A., M.S., University of Baltimore   

Regina (Jean) Satterfield, Coordinator, Special Education Programs
B.S., M.Ed., Towson University; C.A.S.E., Johns Hopkins University

Phyllis Sunshine Assistant Provost of Graduate Programs in Education
B.S., Towson University; M.Ed., Johns Hopkins University; M.S., Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University