Seminar in At-Risk Students: Suicide Prevention

Counselors: Satisfy your Lauryn’s Law requirement for professional development for MSDE certification renewal with Goucher's new online class. 

Course Details:

Name: ED 634.300 Seminar in At-Risk Students: Suicide Prevention
Credit Hours: 15 credit hours (1.0 credit towards certification renewal)
When: October 23 to December 14
How: Online only

Please note: this course is for non-matriculating students


  • Reduced Tuition: $60 application fee and $300 for 1 graduate credit
  • Meets the requirements for HB 947 (Lauryn’s Law) for school counselors’ professional development for MSDE certification renewal
  • Rich on-line resources for direct application to your school’s counseling program
  • Interactive online experience exploring challenging topics
  • An in-depth look at youth suicide, depression, trauma, violence, and substance abuse
  • Infused with practical applications to enhance your skills and to help prevent a suicide 


  • Participants are expected to spend 3 hours per week on this course
  • Participants will be part of an on-line discussion group to share their reflections on the content, current issues in schools, and develop strategies that address the need for interventions and referrals in response to youth suicide, mental health issues, and other behavioral distress
  • Participants will engage in hands-on learning while reviewing and developing professional resources for students and their parents or guardians  

How to Enroll:

Please send the registration form (along with a copy of your MSDE Educator Certificate so we know you are eligible for graduate credit) to:

Shelby Hillers
Assistant Director of Admissions
P: 410-337-3049, or F: 410-377-6085.


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