Secondary Education For Conditional Teachers

*Secondary Education For Conditional Teachers - cohort is full and closed

These 14 graduate credits can count toward completing the Goucher College Master of Arts in Teaching program, which is an MSDE-approved program for Secondary Teacher certification, or can be applied to the required credits for MSDE Secondary Education Teacher certification (by credit count). All courses are offered at a reduced cost.  All classes will be held at Goucher College. 


The cost for participation is $750 per 3-credit course, and students may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through Maryland school systems or non-public schools with tuition reimbursement programs. Talk to your human resources representative for more specific information about your eligibility for tuition reimbursement. There will also be a non-refundable $180 registration fee per 3-credit course.

Course Offerings



Spring 2015

ED 680.300 - Theories of Learning  (3 credits)
ED 686.300 - Foundations of Special Education (3 credits)

Summer 2015

ED 693.300 - Methods and Strategies in Secondary Education Part I (3 credits)

ED 656.300 - Effective Techniques of Classroom Management and Discipline (1.5 credits)

ED 660.300 -- Reflective Planning and Reflective Teaching (1.5 credits)

Fall 2015 ED 694.300 -- Methods and Strategies in Secondary Education, Part II

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