Reading Teacher Endorsement

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Many certified teachers do not hold an endorsement to teach reading. Continuous professional growth opportunities are needed to develop and maintain the knowledge and skills to assist students in the area of reading. The BCPS Blue Print for Progress has set an expectation that all students will reach high standards in reading.  This cohort will help meet this performance goal as well as the following key strategies and indicators: implement intervention programs for students who have not demonstrated proficiency in reading, and language arts, and support teachers in the implementation of reading techniques through professional development opportunities.  Teacher/administrators will complete 12 credits of reading courses that will make them eligible for a reading teacher endorsement and the credits could be applied to a Reading Specialist endorsement.  These credits would also be accepted as part of the M.Ed. or Professional Development Certificate program at Goucher College.


• 12 credits to earn reading teacher endorsement

• Can be applied to Goucher M.Ed. or PD Certificate in Reading Instruction

• 4 semesters

• $35 per credit registration fee

• On average, textbooks cost $100 per course


Please check back for updated information about the course sequence.

Application Instructions

To be considered for admission into the cohort in School Improvement Leadership, complete the application/registration form (PDF) and send to Graduate Programs in Education, Goucher College, 1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Balimore, MD 21204. 

Each applicant will be sent and be required to sign and return the Cohort Participant Agreement Form that is required by BCPS for participation in a cohort. Signing this form will serve as your acceptance of admissions into the cohort and M.Ed. program.

BCPS Cohort Policies

BCPS defines a cohort as a group of individuals who start and finish an approved sequence of courses together. In accordance with this policy, once you have joined a cohort you are unable to move to a different one. Therefore, Goucher College is unable to allow students to switch the order or location in which they take classes. If, for any reason, you choose not to take a course during the semester in which it is offered, you will be permitted to rejoin the cohort that you started with, but you will not be able to take the course(s) that you missed at the cohort rate at a later date. You would be allowed to register and pay for the course at the full tuition rate, and seek reimbursement on your own (if you are eligible for reimbursement).

Other Important Information

Participants are required to complete each course in the cohort with a grade of C or higher.  (Any participant who does not complete the course or does not earn a grade of C or higher will be responsible for payment of the $750.00 tuition directly to Goucher College). Students who withdraw after the first class are subject to the withdrawal policies of Goucher College.

Participants are required to purchase textbooks on or before the first night of class. Textbooks will be available for purchase through the Goucher College Bookstore.


For more information contact:

Graduate Programs in Education in the Welch Center
1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Baltimore, MD 21204
Ph: 410-337-6047 | Fax: 410-337-6085