Educational Leadership / Administrator I

A Post-Master's Cohort Designed for BCPS Teachers

A post-master's cohort designed for BCPS teachers, the purpose of this cohort is to develop innovative leaders who demonstrate high level skills in leading change and in establishing and sustaining a positive school culture. This 21 credit post-master's cohort will focus on instructional leadership including implementation of the College and Career Readiness Standards and Universal Design for Learning. Cohort participants will be cognizant of current thought related to cultural proficiency and school assessment topics.

During a year-long practicum, participants will apply theories and practices from course work in the school environment. This 21-credit post-master’s program meets the requirements for administrator 1 certification and the Goucher Professional Development Certificate.


Student Out-of-Pocket Tuition Costs Per Credit $70 registration fee per credit
BCPS Direct Billing Amount Per Credit $300


Course Offerings


Course #

Course Title & Credits

Spring 2017 ED 653

Supervision for Effective Instruction (3)

Summer 2017 ED 672

Assessing Needs and Evaluating Progress (3)

Fall 2017 ED 671

School Improvement Leadership: A Theoretical Perspective (3)

Spring 2018 ED 673

School Culture (3)

Summer 2018 ED 646

School Law (3)

Fall 2018 ED 674A

Special Projects Seminar/Practicum in School Improvement Leadership (1.5)

Fall 2018 ED 681

Curriculum Development for a Multi-Cultural Society (3)

Spring 2019 ED 674B

Special Project Seminar/Practicum in School Improvement Leadership (1.5)


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