Graduate Studies in Digital Arts

Goucher's limited-residency graduate programs in Digital Arts foster the combination of artistic creativity with technological savvy. Our multidisciplinary program treats music, animation, design, computer programming, web development, entrepreneurship, new media studies, and other related fields as one larger convergent discipline.

Master of Arts vs. Master of Fine Arts

Goucher's Master of Arts (MA) in Digital Arts and Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Digital Arts programs are a unique combination of hands-on learning, creative theory, and instruction from an established and experienced national faculty. The MA in Digital Arts is designed to train creative professionals for the technology environment of today, while the MFA prepares students to become skilled scholar-practitioners. Join the program and develop your marketable portfolio that showcases your passion, creativity, and skills.

Collaborative Learning

Digital Arts courses are collaborative, giving you a chance to learn from others. When, for example, a musician and a video artist or an animator and a painter work together on projects, they gain real knowledge outside their core creative discipline and produce complex, multilayered, and exciting work that is more than the sum of its parts. Learning collaboratively is just one of the many ways you will meet and network with professionals both within and outside of your discipline.

Why Choose Goucher?

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    WATCH NOW: "It's informed me in so many ways, which always comes out in my teaching." -Sarah Steinhauer '18 | M.A. in Digital Arts

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    WATCH NOW: "The further I get into this major, I just, I just want to do everything." -Precious Kollock '17 | M.A. in Digital Arts

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    WATCH NOW: "As a visual artist, the typical format for that field is that we work alone, so the residency was key for me." -Elizabeth Thomas-Capello '18 | M.A. in Digital Arts