Center for Hispanic & Latinx Studies Faculty


Isabel Moreno-López

Major & Minor program contacts

Latin American Studies minor: Jeanie Murphy

Spanish major and minor: Jeanie Murphy

Full-Time Faculty

Florencia Cortés-Conde, Associate Professor & Chair, Hispanic and Latinx Studies: Language, identity and nation; literature and bilingual identity; gender and identity; Spanish in the media; and Spanish in the United States.

Viki Zavales Eggert, Associate Professor, Hispanic and Latinx Studies: Peninsular and Latin American Literature and theater.

Maite Gomis-Quinto, Instructor Hispanic and Latinx Studies.

Citlali Miranda-Aldaco, Assistant Professor, Hispanic and Latinx Studies: Foreign Language Teaching/learning and Technology, Intercultural Communication, Latinx Representation in the United States, Diversity Teacher Training, Professional Development, Assessment.

Isabel Moreno-López, Professor and Center Director, Hispanic and Latinx Studies: Studies on Language, Literacy and Culture, Intercultural Communications, Critical Pedagogy, Spanish and Latin-American Literature, Queer Studies, Interdisciplinary and Study-Abroad Programs.

Jeanie Murphy, Associate Professor, Hispanic and Latinx Studies: Latin American literature and theater; Latin American cultural studies; Latin American history; gender studies.

Frances Ramos-Fontán, Instructor Hispanic and Latinx Studies: Community-based learning, Latin American and Latino Studies, and foreign language acquisition.

Aida Ramos-Sellman, Assistant Professor, Hispanic and Latinx Studies.