What computer should new students bring?

Goucher strongly recommends that all students bring a Mac Book Pro 13" laptop

Most students at Goucher use a Mac Laptop. We strongly recommend that all students bring a MacBook Pro 13" laptop. There are other devices that will work, but call the Help Desk at 410-337-6322 if you have questions.  As students move toward graduation in 2018, we believe computing wil be increasingly mobile and we want them to be well-prepared.  

And/or iPad?

An iPad is also a useful device and many students use an iPad in addition to a laptop.  Many textbooks are available in digital editions and over four years, an iPad will easily pay for itself as an eBook reader.  Depending on your major, some students are using an iPad as their primary device.  An iPad is easier for reading and taking notes, but might require more trips to the Athenaeum or labs to use other hardware.  Four years is a long time for current technology, which is why (for this year) we are still recommending a laptop with the possible addition of an iPad.


What technology should I bring to campus?

Computing Device Goucher strongly recommends that all students bring a Mac Book Pro 13" laptop.  Goucher encourages all students to bring an iPad.  Educational discounts are available through the Goucher Apple Store.  Please be sure that you are on the Goucher Apple Store website when you make your purchase and not the general Apple site.  You can also receive an educational discount through an Apple Store by providing proof that you will be a Goucher student in the fall. 
Microsoft Office Goucher provides Microsoft Office for free for students through Office 365. Students should not purchase Microsoft Office. Directions are available for how to access Microsoft Office and Office 365.
Printer A printer is not required.  Students have 24/7 access to printing in the Athenaeum.  Students will have a quota of 400 pages for the semester. Students can bring a printer but remember space is limited in residence halls.
Email Goucher provides all students with a Goucher email account.
Cell Phone Students are encouraged to bring a cell phone and sign up for the e2Campus Emergency notification system. A wall phone is provided in residence hallways. 
Surge Protector A surge protector is suggested for plugging in student electronic devices.
Game systems Students can bring systems but need to register the device to use the campus network.
Warranty The college encourages students to get AppleCare for Apple devices.  An Apple store is in Towson Town Center to provide repair services to students.
Register serial numbers of electronic devices Be sure to register the serial numbers of your device(s) with Public Safety when you arrive on campus.
Devices that will not work on campus Students should not bring wireless routers, Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and other similar devices.


Who do I contact if I have questions?

Students should contact the Help Desk by email (helpdesk@goucher.edu) or by phone (410-337-6322).