The Annual Goucher College Student Symposium celebrates the multi-faceted talents of the Goucher student body by combining the Digital Media Showcase and Contest, the Julia Rogers Research Prizes, and presentations on both research-based and creative works that stem from independent student-faculty partnerships and research projects.

DIGITAL MEDIA SHOWCASE = Display of exceptional work submitted as assignments
DIGITAL MEDIA CONTEST = Above + Submissions created independantly + Judged for Prizes

The Digital Media Showcase is a collection of student assignments nominated by professors that were completed using digital media technologies such as graphic or photo editing, animation, video editing, sound editing, programming, or web design. These pieces show exceptional initiative and talent on the part of the students. Showcase projects come from a variety of disciplines - from Frontiers to Music to French - and have been completed by students of varying technical skill levels.

Students and professors will be on hand to talk about the parameters of the assignments, how they were completed, and how the use of technology contributed to the student's understanding of concepts and content.

  • The 2015 deadline was March 15th.

The Digital Media Contest provides an opportunity for students to submit projects created inside or outside of the classroom to be rated based on artistic merit. The submissions are judged by a panel of local artists to determine our first place $500 winner! All Showcase works are eligible for the Contest.

  • The 2015 deadline was March 15th.

The 2015 Symposium will be held Wednesday, April 22nd in the Athenaeum.

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