1. Always use an anti-theft device. Portable locking device and motion sensor alarms are fairly inexpensive and easy to use. Locking devices are sold at most computer Stores. Computrace LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software is a laptop tracking and loss control solution that helps ensure mobile laptops are secure and locatable. If a computer is stolen, Absolute Software works with law enforcement agencies to attempt to locate and recover the system. ComputracePlus is included in all computers that are part of the Goucher laptop program. This program included both Dell and Apple computers. If you did not purchase your computer through the program, you can still purchase LoJack for laptops from Absolute software.
  2. Never leave your laptop in open view in your car. Lock it in your trunk.
  3. Save a copy of your purchase receipt. Copy the serial number and description of your laptop.
  4. Carry your laptop in an unassuming, well padded bag. This avoids the unwanted attention a traditional laptop bag or fancy leather briefcase can generate.
  5. Never leave your laptop unattended in a public place, including your office. Secure it to your desk at all times, or lock it in a drawer, or "lock-box" even if you leave for a moment. Never leave it unattended anywhere, including residential facilities.
  6. Never put your laptop on the airport security x-ray machine belt before you have a clear path to the end of the belt.
  7. Students should always lock their laptops! The numerous, easy access, open areas on campus (e.g., residence halls, library, student center, etc) too often lead to crimes of opportunity! All computers that are recommended in the Goucher laptop program include a Kensington MicroSaver lock
  8. Use passwords and back up all irreplaceable information daily. Passwords help identify the owner and backup copies are always important. Remember, it's not just the loss of the laptop...what about all the hard work and important information that could be lost or stolen.
  9. If traveling, do not set your laptop down for a minute. There are thieves working airports looking for any chance for you to let your guard down and leave your laptop unattended.
  10. Treat your laptop just like you would treat cash. Don't leave it where others can see it and steal it.
  11. Don't forget to secure all other products associated with your laptop: batteries, power cords, cables, external drives, LCD projectors, etc.