The customized Goucher Apple Store contains two laptop models recommended by Information Technology.

Click here to access the recommended Apple models.

When you connect to the website, you will see an image on the right side of the page which reads: "Recommended Systems." Please click this image in the Apple store to access the Goucher models.

These models can be customized in some areas.

The recommended systems are intended for use by students only. If you are a member of Goucher's faculty or staff and would like information about making discounted computer or software purchases from Apple, please visit the Apple Store website.

Additionally, educational discounts on Apple products that are not listed in the recommended systems are available to Goucher students, faculty, and staff from the Apple Store website. Click on the Apple Store website hyperlink to connect to the Apple Educational Discount website.

Goucher College strongly recommends purchasing Safeware laptop insurance to go with your Apple product. We suggest that you purchase an appropriate amount of insurance to cover your laptop. While Safeware will issue you a quote based on your state of residence, we expect the cost to be less then $200.

Students are eligible to download a copy of the Microsoft Office Professional software for free. Please do not purchase Microsoft Office separately. Students should consider downloading reliable free antivirus from


About Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion:

All Apple computers sold as of June 11th 2012 are eligible to receive a free upgrade to the newest version of the Mac OS when it becomes available in the middle of July.  While new operating systems offer many exciting new features please install all upgrades with caution and back-up your data first.  Information Technology is assessing our core software and services for compatibility and future support of the operating system. Information Technology will do it's best to support Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion but there may be limitations due to the newness of the operating system.