Faculty, Staff, and Department Digital Telephone Services

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Faculty, staff, and department offices are provided with Meridian Digital Telephones and voice mail. Faculty and staff must obtain an authorization code from the Help Desk in order to make a long distance call.

The use of Goucher telephone services is intended for business purposes only. However, there are times when circumstances will require that you make a personal long distance call. Please remember to reimburse the controller’s office for any personal calls.


Meridian Digital Telephone Guide (Adobe Acrobat)
The Meridian Digital Telephone Guide provides a description of available controls and features for digital telephones provided to faculty, staff, and departmental offices.

Goucher College Digital Telephone User Guide (Adobe Acrobat)
Quick Reference Guide to features and controls for Goucher Digital Phones. See the Meridian Digital Telephone Guide for a complete description of available controls and features.

Meridian Mail User Guide (Adobe Acrobat)
A guide explaining the features, functions, and commands in the Merdian Voice Mail System.