There are multiple printers in various locations available for students' use. 

There are color and black and white printers available in the library. They are mainly located on the third floor in the Information Commons. These are multi-function printers and can be accessed using the Swipe-to-Print system (using your OneCard to log in to the printer) or by manually logging in on the keypad attached to each multi-funtion printer. 

Large print jobs can be taken to the Dorsey Print Center. This is a good resource for printing flyers for clubs and events, or any other project that requires multiple copies.

Students must be authorized by a faculty member to use the poster printer in Ath. 325. 

Currently, the College automatically limits printouts through a program called "Print Wisely". To find out more information about this program please click here. All printers available to students are networked. Students can web-print by visiting, uploading a file, and selecting a printing network. Students can also automatically access printer networks from any Goucher computer.