Cable Television is provided to residential students through two methods:

  1. XFINITY On Campus Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) service that delivers live streaming TV, shows, and movies directly to student devices.
  2. Cable Television services provided in common areas and residence halls. One cable television connection is provided for each room in the residential housing facilities. 

All students living on campus are eligible to receive cable television services. There are no additional charges for receiving cable television.


Students can view Goucher's IPTV services on PCs and MACs as well as iPhones, 4th generation or later iPod Touches, iPads, and Android devices. Students can find the XFINITY On Campus video app by searching for "XFINITY On Campus" in your devices application store. Directions for accessing IPTV are here.  Students can upgrade their subscription services to options like HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, The Movie Channel, Sports Entertainment Package, and several International channel packages.

Residential Cable Television Services

Students are responsible for purchasing their own televisions and coaxial cables. What equipment is needed to use the Cable Television Services?  In addition to a cable-ready television, you will need a television coaxial cable long enough (10 to 25 feet) to connect your television to the cable television wall outlet. If you do not have a coaxial cable, you can purchase one at any major electronics retailer or at the Goucher College Bookstore.  Students can receive upgraded programming like HBO and other options through XFINITY On Campus. 

Questions or Problems

Questions or problems with Cable Television Services should be reported to the Help Desk.