1. GoucherLearn 2.6 Upgrade: New Features (PDF)
2. GoucherLearn Quick Start Guide (PDF)
3. GoucherLearn Basics (PDF)
4. Upload a File - Drag and Drop (Video)
5. Create Your Profile on GoucherLearn (PDF)
6. Complete Grade Book Basics (PDF)
7. Submit an Assignment (Student View) (PDF)
8. Notifications, Messages, and Alerts in GoucherLearn (PDF)
9. Create Groups (Video)
10. Create Rubrics (Video) - coming soon
11. Moodlerooms Video Channel
12. GoucherLearn Instructions & Supports for APSI Instructors (PDF) - NEW!

Lecture Recording

1. Panopto Basics (PDF)
2. Panopto Procedures using the SMART Podium (PDF)
3. Prep List for Audio Recording and Lecture Capture (PDF)
4. Move a Panopto Recording from One Course to Another (Video)
5. Record Video Lectures Using Screencast-o-matic (PDF)
6. Make a Panopto Recording (Video) - coming soon

WebEx Live Meetings

1. WebEx for HOSTS: schedule, host, record and lead a meeting (PDF) Goucher password needed
2. WebEx for PARTICIPANTS: attend as a student, guest speaker or other participant (PDF)