Update on Alum's blog

Release date: April 06, 2009

Kim O’Connell (MAHP ’06), a freelance writer, recently launched a new blog for Traditional Building magazine titled "A Capital Column." Her latest posting includes an article about the Sixth National Forum on Historic Preservation Practice: A Critical Look at Sustainability and Historic Preservation held at Goucher in March. "I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of case studies presented at Goucher, which not only included sustainable retrofits of existing and historic buildings, but also more complex places such as public works infrastructure and several cultural landscapes."

Kim's other blog posts included a defense of Brutalism, a celebration of the Lincoln Memorial, and a rumination on the Barbie Dream House. You can read her blog here ww.traditional-building.com/Kim_OConnell

She is a longtime contributor to Traditional Building magazine and has just . published "Renewing the Nation's Capital: Modernist Washington DC" in the Spring 2009 edition of Modernism Magazine(www.modernismmagazine.com) It discusses the architecture of our nation's capital beyond the familiar Classical Revival buildings and monuments, providing insight into the modern movement as applied to public, commercial and residential building in Washington DC and the surrounding region

Kim welcomes comments on the blog and story ideas